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Announcing our integration

By August 22, 2019 No Comments

Ever go to a status page and it says everything is operational when it definitely isn’t? You refresh maddeningly thinking it might be you. You ponder if the bill for the internet has been paid. Then, as a last resort, you check Twitter only to discover hundreds of people are experiencing the same problem. This is common, and because of it, we’re happy to release out integration with!

Now you can publicly update your own users before they discover it for themselves. When you connect to FireHydrant, we’ll send updates to the page as well as keep them in your incident timeline. If you import your components into FireHydrant’s functionalities, we’ll also attach those to an incident for you giving you even more fine grained communication to customers.

It’s one of our promises to make communication during an incident easier, and with this integration we’re making it even more possible to resolve incidents with less friction.

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Bobby Tables

Bobby Tables

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