FireHydrant takes your team from Oops to Ops

We help teams implement an incident response process that empowers you to extinguish fires faster. This improves MTTR and prevents fires from breaking out ever again.

Streamlined Incident Management

Extinguish fires faster and easier

Recent Changes

A simple but powerful audit log of all the changes in your system.

Impact Reports

Easily see which environments and services are impacted by your incidents.

Incident Roles

Make sure your team knows what they need to do.

Integrated Alerts

Kickoff incidents directly from your PagerDuty alerts.

Actionable Postmortems

Identify the cause of the fire

Timeline Refinement

Trim your incident log down to the things that actually matter.

Five Whys

Determine what really happened by exploring the cause-and-effect.

Action Items

Make sure incidents don't happen again with actionable tasks.

Root cause analysis

Get to the root of the problem and link your changes to your causes.

Seamless integrations

FireHydrant fits into your tools and workflow


Quickly open incidents, notify other channels, and assemble your team easily all without leaving Slack.


Import your existing services from PagerDuty, attach alerts to incidents, and measure your MTTR.


Link GitHub repositories to your infrastructures services and track deploys automatically.


Know exactly what changed and when on your Kubernetes clusters.

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