You just got paged. Now what?

Process and automation for incidents, not ad hoc freakouts.


Think incidents cost you a lot?

Try not having a process in place.

Process for companies that can’t afford to create it from the ground up, based on best practices: transparency, trust, and communication.

Fits in with your tools: Get alerted by PagerDuty, open an incident in Slack, tie in data from your CI and Version Control systems, and create a Ticket to make sure the appropriate fixes actually get done.

Automate the logistical toil of running an incident response process — Slack commands and APIs, not Google Docs and random emails.


Incident response that aligns with your values: transparency, auditability, and trust

Incident response should be transparent and auditable. FireHydrant provides metrics on response handling, PDF postmortem reports for appropriate stakeholders, and more to improve organizational confidence and trust.

Created by engineers with years of SRE experience — FireHydrant is a cutting edge tool you can trust, based on knowledge and research, not fads and false promises.

Close the loop on incident response. FireHydrant’s processes promote accountability and follow-through so incidents are less frequent and impactful.


The key to good incident response is communication: before, during, and after an incident.

Document the complex relationships between individual roles, teams, apps, and servers that are too often in people’s heads or in random documents.

Route the right information to the right people, and help them get up to speed as quickly as possible.

Create immutable documentation of incidents, responses, communication, and more to decentralize, standardize, and improve historical knowledge of deploys, incidents, responses, and more

Seamless integrations

FireHydrant fits into your tools and workflow


Quickly open incidents, keep notes, and assemble your team easily all without leaving Slack.


Import your existing services from PagerDuty, attach alerts to incidents, and measure your MTTR.


We’ll recommend when a recent pull request was merged when you open an incident.


FireHydrant will automatically add all of your services from Kubernetes so you don’t need to add them manually.


Automatically create issues in Jira for your incidents. Action Items are automatically linked, too.


Post directly to Statuspage from FireHydrant and keep your customers as informed as you are

You just got paged. Now what?

FireHydrant helps every team master incident response with straightforward processes that build trust and make communication easy.

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