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Keeping track of applications in production as your organization scales starts to get challenging fast. When you have an incident, can you find the microservices tied to end-user functionality quickly? Can you page a subject matter expert right away? How about seeing what applications have been recently impacted by incidents or seeing their downtime. FireHydrant’s service catalog handles all of these things so that in the heat of an incident your team can focus on what matters: mitigation.

Tracking services that live inside your organization is a scaling challenge that doesn’t seem hard when dealing with an application that only has 5 services. As that number grows to the dozens or even hundreds of things become much more challenging. How do these services relate to each other? What team owns this particular service and is there an easy way to reach them? How does the end-user functionality map to this service? With an incident focused service catalog, FireHydrant helps solve these problems by making discoverability easy.

FireHydrant offers three distinct levels of the service catalog. Functionalities are the end-user functionality that stakeholders or CS can easily understand. These are composed of Services, any service that lives on your application. All services live on Environments, the different application environments that your application lives on, whether that’s something simple like Production or Development, or something more complex like an AWS region or physical rack.

Incidents can be created with any combination of impacted pieces of your service catalog which immediately suggests recent changes, team rotations, and runbooks to attach to your incident. Integrating service catalogs into your incident response will help reduce the time spent piecing together the initial impact of your incident and let you focus on mitigating your incident instead.

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