Postmortem Reporting

FireHydrant makes incident postmortems so easy you’ll want to write one for every situation

FireHydrant’s postmortem tool gives your team the easiest way to ensure that you are learning from your incidents and not repeating them. After an incident is resolved, a postmortem can be automatically generated that contains the most important parts of the incident but is customizable to let your team add the learnings and analysis from your incident.

Timeline refinement lets you pare your incident timeline down to the messages and events that had meaningful impact on your incident. Do root cause analysis with the changes feature, letting you add and signify the changes that started and resolved your incident. With 5 whys, drill down from the root causes to the actual causes rather than the symptoms. Add additional fields to include the information that is unique to your team. Finally create action items to ensure that this incident is providing meaningful value to the health of your application moving forward.

FireHydrant takes you from oops to ops

Manage deploys, incidents, and post mortems like it’s no big deal.