Internal Status Pages

Reduce context switching for your engineers during an incident by letting FireHydrant keep your stakeholders informed.

FireHydrant's Internal Status Pages allow you to keep your stakeholders up to date.

"What's going on?" "When will this be fixed?" "Does this affect users in Europe?" These are all distractions to your engineering team when they're focused on resolving an incident. Let FireHydrant handle that responsibility through our Internal Status Page feature.

Your internal users are customers too; they want to be kept informed as to what's going on, if the incident affects them, when they'll be able to get back to work. Our status pages let you share information with your organization's users without them needing to be a user of the FireHydrant platform. The pages are securely available to your organization's users during an incident and up to 48 hours after it is resolved.

You decide which information is published

While it's important to share information with your organizations' users there may be details that are only relevant to the engineers actually working on an incident. Our status pages let you publish updates to the status page while keeping some details only visible to engineers working within the tool.

This lets you keep notes for your future postmortem without overwhelming everyone in your organization with minutiae like IOPS thresholds or packet loss on a specific switch port.

FireHydrant takes you from oops to ops

Manage deploys, incidents, and post mortems like it’s no big deal.