Streamline incident response with an easily repeatable process, automated response, and one-click postmortems.

Apply SRE best practices to your incident response process

Abiding by a process during an incident is hard and FireHydrant’s runbooks are the answer. Remove the tedium of incidents by automating the crucial parts of a response that end up consuming a lot of brainpower while not being directly tied to mitigating an incident. Easily improve unhelpful runbooks so that the pager can be handed off to more of your team.

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In the heat of the moment sticking to a clear communication process can be the last thing your responders are thinking about. FireHydrant simplifies communication around all parts of your incident response. Automatically create incident rooms, notify slack channels about ongoing incidents, and post to public and private status pages just by running your incident response through FireHydrant.

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With teams, add the right people to an incident automatically so you can start responding to your fire. Roles ensure that all responders are working cooperatively to handle incidents.

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Learn from incidents like never before

Postmortems are a critical part of cashing out on unplanned investments. Implementing a blameless postmortem culture can be a challenge when first starting out, even something like gathering relevant materials can seem overwhelming. FireHydrant simplifies the postmortem process by collecting data automatically and creating a rough draft of a postmortem at the end of your incident letting your team focus on why and not what happened.

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Incident response improvement can be challenging. Other than basic metrics around the number of incidents and downtime, figuring out where your teams need additional help is hard. By running your incident response inside of FireHydrant you get access to much more in-depth analytics to show you where you have obvious places to improve your resiliency.

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