FireHydrant is the incident response platform your team has always wanted

Apply SRE best practices to your incident response process

FireHydrant offers a best practice incident response tool so that your team can not only fight fires, but do it in a significantly more coordinated and efficient way. For large scale incidents getting your team together and responding in a cohesive manner can be challenging, so FireHydrant offers full team support letting product teams and on call engineers immediately hop into an incident and start contributing.

With roles, members have distinct tasks that ensure that everyone can work cooperatively and with visibility into the progress of the logistics of an incident. Each role has specific tasks that need to be completed for each incident; FireHydrant helps your users understand their responsibilities and communicates their status to everyone else participating in the incident response.

Rich timeline view of an incident

FireHydrant gives you a rich timeline to coordinate your incident response from, and a way to filter messaging to allow for new responders a way to get up to speed. Messages from the timeline can automatically be pushed to an internal status page for keeping stakeholders updated.

When you identify an impacted functionality, FireHydrant suggests recent changes to your application that may be responsible for the incident. All of this together gives your team a way to ensure that they can spend their time worrying about the hardest part of the incident, fighting the fire.

First-class Slack Integration

The incident response tool also offers a first class Slack integration, which lets teams leverage the same functionality from the UI in Slack, giving your team one less tool to worry about in an incident. FireHydrant automatically creates a war room and captures all of your Slack interaction, saving your chat messages and updates into the UI so you can review them later.

Create incidents from active PagerDuty Alerts

FireHydrant lets you automatically link services to a new incident by creating an incident from a PagerDuty alert. If you have services in FireHydrant tied to a service in PagerDuty we can assign the team responsible for the service to the incident as soon as it's opened. This significantly reduces your mean time to respond letting your organization get back to generating revenue more quickly.

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