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Reduce the time doing detective work digging through GitHub, CI, and CD to discover what changes recently went out in your system. By implementing a deployment focused change log, FireHydrant recommends recent changes that may be causing your outage. Identify breaking changes faster and spend more time mitigating. By tracking and linking all changes, your team can get a timeline of how a code change went from merged PR to deployment with every intermediate step in between.

As the complexity of an application grows, figuring out what things have recently changed in the system becomes more challenging. FireHydrant will track and catalog all of the changes that go out in your application so that you have an accessible place to view all of the changes that have gone out. With robust filtering, finding services that have recently changed becomes trivial allowing you to spend more time making effective changes on degraded services and less time hunting around your application to figure what thing has broken.

FireHydrant offers first-class integrations with GitHub, Kubernetes, and AWS Cloudtrail (with more on the way) as well as a CLI tool to automatically capture the changes that your CI/CD pipeline is generating. FireHydrant will link your changes together, giving you a timeline of how a single change propagated through your system letting you find the part of your pipeline that is causing issues quicker.

Imagine a world where you know that a recent deployment degraded the performance of your system and you can immediately be linked to the PR that was merged. FireHydrant can intelligently make these suggestions at the start of your incident, reducing the time your mean time to resolution helping your organization return to generating revenue more quickly.

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