Existing products can page you — but that’s really not enough. FireHydrant closes the loop.

FireHydrant helps every team master incident response with straightforward processes that build trust and make communication easy. Super simple service and team indexes combined with data from your CI and version control allow you to automate away the detail-oriented tedium you’re used to, especially when something’s going wrong. Pages are for waking people up, Firehydrants help you put out fires.

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Deployment Logs

FireHydrant’s change management tool gives your team visibility into all changes across your infrastructure, what is causing those changes, and the link between independent changes to help you track what parts of your system might be breaking.

  • Automatically tracks changes
  • Github and Kubernetes integrations
  • CLI to hook into your CI/CD pipeline
  • Robust Filtering
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Incident Response

FireHydrant offers a best practice incident response tool so that your team can not only fight fires, but do it in a significantly more coordinated and efficient way.

  • Incident teams and roles
  • Incident Timeline
  • Internal Status Pages
  • Recommended fixes
  • Chat-ops with Slack
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Postmortem Reporting

FireHydrant’s postmortem tool gives your team the easiest way to ensure that you are learning from your incidents and not repeating them.

  • Automatically generated
  • Timeline Refinement
  • 5 Whys
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Action Items
  • PDF Generation
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Internal Status Pages

FireHydrant’s Internal Status Pages helps your engineers focused by taking on the responsibility of keeping stakeholders informed. We create a status page for every incident while it’s open allowing your team to stay focused on resolving the incident.

  • Automatically created for each incident
  • Open to anyone in your organization
  • Includes only the information you choose to share
  • Disappears 48 hours after the incident is resolved
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Functionality Management

FireHydrant helps you reduce the time to identify a misbehaving service by linking them to simple summaries of end-user functionality

  • Identify responsible services based on short summaries of the functionality they provide
  • Quickly determine which team is best equipped to an incident
  • Determine which functionalities are most frequently involved in incidents


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