Automated best practice process out of the box

FireHydrant offers opinionated, process based
response that integrates into your workflow, promotes trust, and helps you align with your organization’s goals.

Incident Response

Streamline your incident response with an easily repeatable process, automated response, and one-click postmortems.

Give your team best practice processes right out of the box. Feel the impact in one incident and continuously improve your company’s incident response.

When you open an incident, we can create a Jira ticket, send your CTO an email, and post to in less than 5 seconds.

Create postmortems with all of your relevant incident details automatically. Get guided through a blameless postmortem process to start creating postmortems that help you truly learn from incidents.

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Service Catalog

Keep track of applications across all of your environments as your organization scales.

Find the microservices tied to end-user functionality quickly and involve a subject matter expert right away.

See downtime metrics for services to learn which parts of your system cost you the most time and help you calculate SLO budgets.

Find past incidents on applications to make it easier to find related incidents.

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Change Log

Identify breaking changes faster and spend more time mitigating.

FireHydrant recommends recent changes that may be contributing to your outage.

By tracking and linking all changes, teams get a timeline of how a code change went from a merged pull request to production with every intermediate step in between.

Reduce the time doing detective work digging through GitHub, CI, and CD to discover what changes recently went out in your system.

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